ゼレンスキー大統領の芳名録/President Zelensky's note [社会]

President Zelensky's entry in the visitors' book has been made public, and the original Ukrainian text and a provisional translation have been published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum on May 21.

zelensky in hiroshima.jpg原文:Глибоко вражений відвіданням Музею. Жодна держава світу не має пережити такий біль і руйнування. Ядерному шантажу не місце в сучасному світі.


英訳(DeepL):I am deeply impressed by the visit to the Museum. No country in the world should have to go through such pain and destruction. Nuclear blackmail has no place in the modern world.


The word "脅し" in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs translation of Zelensky's note is "blackmail" in the English translation by DeepL, but as we will see below, deterrence has the same meaning. As we wrote in our blog post last December, the word "deter" is derived from the Latin words "de" and "terrere," meaning "to threaten to stop. In other words, if there is no place for "blackmail," there is no place for "nuclear deterrence," or "nuclear threats. How can such simple word magic, such childish trickery that cannot even be called magic, be allowed to go unchecked? It is nothing short of a mystery.
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