Kurume air raid two days after the Nagasaki atomic bomb [反核・平和]

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DSC_4003rtw540.jpgThis photo is neither Hiroshima nor Nagasaki. It is the aftermath of the city center of Kurume burned by the air raid on August 11th, 1945.

In the United States, there are still discourses that the atomic bomb has ended the war. However, two days after the Nagasaki atomic bomb, which should have ended (repeatedly?) the war, the town of Kurume was burned with incendiary. Similarly, Kajiki air raid on this day.
Let's pick up other Japanese mainland air raids after August 10 from the wikipedia.
August 10 Hanamaki air raid, Kumamoto air raid / 12 Akune air raid / 13 Nagano air raid / 14 Iwakuni large air raid / 14 Hikari-shi, Yamaguchi Konami naval arsenal raid / 14-15 Kumagaya air raid, Isesaki air raid, Odawara raid, Tsuchizaki air raid

Is it a lie that "the A-bomb ended the war"? Or the purpose of these raids were to clear the bomb inventory after the A-bomb ended the war?

The truth is probably that the end of the war was extended until the atomic bomb was completed.

From the book “The day when Kurume burned” by Masahiro Koga, who saw the air raids as an evacuee.

Google map photo of the same place as the current photo seen from the same angle.

One more photo from the book cited at the top: "Girls who are delighted to return" (p.46−47)
caption: A commemorative photo taken before the return of Jeollabukdo Women's Workers and 'Volunteers' from the age of 8 to 14 who were compulsorily recruited in Japan for the performance of the war(19th October)
similar photographs taken immediately after the end of the war: Scenery of Saga taken by US soldiers

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